9.29.2004 | Consider the Browser Wars Reignited

Get Firefox!

If you've been murking around in Internet Explorer land for too long, there's a bright new alternative burning on the horizon. From the people who brought you Netscape, it's Mozilla Firefox, the browser reloaded. Faster, leaner, and more useful, this browser takes the Internet's latest features while keeping you more secure. Find out more at getfirefox.com.

If you're already familiar with Mozilla and Firefox and know why it's important to maintain browser choice in the marketplace, you might consider joining Spread Firefox at spreadfirefox.com. Built by the same people whose tech prowess helped to propel Howard Dean to the top of the Democratic heap early on in the presidential primaries, Spread Firefox is a grassroots community of tech enthusiasts dedicated to making the Web a more open environment supportive of more platforms than just Microsoft's Windows and Internet Explorer.

Choice is what makes competition thrive, and when we make better choices we make competition work better for all of us. Please consider downloading Firefox today at getfirefox.com, and be sure to tell your friends.

The browser wars are back on, and the winner is you.



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