12.22.2004 | Welcome to the new global economy

So for Christmas I ordered an iPod Mini directly from the Apple store. I've been aware that the things have been made in China for a while now, along with the rest of Apple's products, though at least they have the decency to keep the design jobs in the United States. What's interesting, though, is that the iPod I ordered, according the the UPS tracking number I was given, is being directly shipped from Shanghai, China. This will be the first package I've received of Chinese origin, let alone from ordering a product from an American company. What's more, the shipping was free, so Apple must be making enough money off the purchase that they can afford express shipping halfway around the globe courtesy UPS, instead of giving the money, say, to higher-paying manufacturing jobs here in the U.S., where they are needed. Welcome to the new global economy.


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