3.05.2005 | More Apple coolness

A few weeks ago I got an Apple AirPort Express, a handy portable little device that lets me bring wireless Internet wherever there's a wired Ethernet port and a power outlet close by.

It also has ports on the bottom for a printer to be able to print wirelessly, and an audio out port for AirTunes, which lets me use iTunes to listen to my songs wirelessly through powered speakers connected to the AirPort Express. I'm definitely loving the Apple lifestyle. Setup was a snap (just insert the CD and go), and the price wasn't too bad, either -- the only other wireless router out there that lets you print wirelessly costs $30 more, and it isn't portable.

What surprises most people: AirPort Express uses the 802.11g wireless standard, which means it works with PCs just as well as Macs. Thank you Apple, for learning to play nicely with Windows. I'll buy a Mac one of these days...

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