7.23.2005 | Microsoft Cheated

So Microsoft announced today that their new version of Windows would be called "Vista," for the "pleasing view" it offers PC users of the information on their computer, with featurs such as "virtual folders" that collect lists of file names based on certain criteria, like files edited in the last week. That's actually a lot like a feature in Apple's OS X Tiger that was released last month, and it's a feature that won't be available in Windows until Christmas 2006.

And, as it turns out, to avoid further delays, Microsoft is stripping its next version of key features such as WinFS, a new file system for quicker searching and sorting, to make sure that it comes out on time. So basically they just want to get something out there to keep Apple from making them look bad and keep their 90-percent stranglehold on the PC market. Even with the rushed schedule and stripped down features, Windows Vista is the longest time between Windows releases ever, a time period of more than five years, half a decade, an eternity in PC terms.

I'm getting an Apple Powerbook this summer, and I'm relieved to know it will have features that won't be available on Windows for at least another year and a half. And there's no chance I'm switching back to Mac until WinFS finally gets its act together.


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