8.13.2005 | Global warming clearer than ever

For the record: Kyoto is only the first step. It doesn't eliminate carbon emissions, and the ones we've already put in the air still haven't taken full effect. Carbon dioxide increases the earth's ability to trap heat, just as the super-heated surface of Venus doesn't come just from its close proximity to the sun, but because of its thick CO2 atmosphere. It takes time for the Earth to absorb that heat and trap it -- more of it will be trapped with each successive season as temperatures become warner every year.

Still not convinced? This informative article from Wired magazine shows how discrepancies in measurements from the 1970s have been resolved: the earth's temperature is rising even faster than previously thought. Think about it: the only people out there trying to disprove the existence of global warming are those who have the most to lose if we switch away from oil as our primary source of energy (cough cough, ExxonMobil) -- and with higher than ever oil prices, maybe swtiching away wouldn't be the worst idea anyway.

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