11.30.2005 | Thinking about a new PC this Christmas?

This year there's no way to go but Apple, at least if you believe the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg. Not only does Apple's Tiger operating system already have the features that Microsoft is promising for Windows next year, but it is more secure, easier to use, better integrated, and all-around hassle-free. These are all the same reasons I got my Powerbook earlier this summer. And combined with Apple's student discounts of up to $200, Apple can be the affordable choice for even the most budget-minded student.

But Tiger isn't just better because it's more secure. It has one feature in particular that Windows just doesn't have, and may not even have in its next version, due out this time this year. It's called Exposé, and it allows you to see all the windows you have open within any one program, or in all programs at once. And as this Apple pro tip of the week shows you, you can even use the feature while videos are playing, and the videos will continue to play.

No other computer offers this robust set of features, and none is as much of a joy to use. I will continue to be glad I got an Apple at least until the end of 2006, and possibly beyond. You should consider getting one too.



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