12.03.2005 | Iraqification

Senior Daily Show Correspondent Rob Corddry presents a hilarious analysis of the situation in Iraq, citing President Bush's oft-repeated quote, "As the Iraqi army stands up, America will stand down" -- the goal being to train Iraq's army to defend itself (much as we tried with Vietnamization in another era). The picture to the left, according to Corddry's report, is the system the Defense Department has come up with to track the progress of freedom in Iraq, with the western provinces "still a little kidnappy." Definitely a clip worth checking out. The most priceless quote comes at the end, in response to Jon Stewart's question about how we will know when we've won the war:

"This war will be won when we leave Iraq not as a failed nation-state eviscerated by a quarter-century of a tyrant's rule, but as a military and economic superpower, ruled by islamists with an enormous grudge against the United States."

Corddry explains earlier that we "botched" the end of World War II by pulling out as early as we did, leaving Germany and Japan "without a military-industrial complex to drain its resources," allowing them to become economic powerhouses. Apparently we won't let that become the case in Iraq. To watch the clip in full, click this link and then click on Corddry's piece, called "De-Weakening Iraq."

Update (5/16/07): New video link

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