7.19.2007 | Chasing rainbows

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7.14.2007 | Between the lines

Do I have this right?

From an Associated Press article:

At the Pentagon, meanwhile, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters that the number of battle-ready Iraqi battalions able to fight on their own has dropped to a half-dozen from 10 in recent months despite heightened American training efforts ...

Pace, however, also said the readiness of the Iraqi fighting units was not an issue to be ‘overly concerned’ about because the problem is partly attributable to the fact that the Iraq units are out operating in the field.

Appearing at a news conference with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Pace said that ‘as units operate in the field, they have casualties, they consume vehicles and equipment.’

Is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff telling us not to worry about the fact that two fewer battalions in Iraq are ready for battle because they're getting blown up?


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