8.07.2007 | Anorexics protest new iMac slogan

Okay, not quite. But Apple is definitely relying on sex appeal to sell these new, thinner iMacs. When they introduced the 3rd-generation iMac in 2005, they looked to the iPod for design cues. Is it any coincidence, then, that this new iMac looks more like an iPhone? I don't know what Apple had in mind — that the new iMac was supposed to sell more iPhones or vice-versa, but the effect is clear: I want one.

In the days leading up to the iMac's release, a fake article made it to the front page of Digg.com promoting "leaked" pictures of the "new iMac." It was just a photoshopped version of the Apple Cinema Display, but darn if I don't want the next iMac to look more like that. Perhaps the faker of the photos achieved an insidious alternative effect: spoiling the release of Apple's new product by creating unreachable expectations. Cointelpro from one of Apple's competitors? Say it ain't so.

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