8.28.2007 | In other news

  • Holy seats for the holy set — The Vatican has launched its own low-fare airline to ferry pilgrims to holy sites throughout Europe — and possibly beyond. Operated by Italy's Air Mistral (Vatican City proper has no airport to call its own), the airline features seats engraved with the Vatican's seal and d├ęcor featuring spiritual slogans such as "I am searching for your face, Lord." Headline writers at various news agencies had fun with this story — the Tampa Bay Times chose "On a wing and a prayer," while Reuters decided to begin their story with the following gem:

    While some passengers only turn to prayer when jolted by turbulence, the Vatican made it standard on Monday by launching the world's first airline for Catholic pilgrims.

    There's more in the article. Don't read on if contrived puns make you grimace.

  • Digging himself deeper — U.S. Senator Larry Craig is at it again, this time coming out swinging with a shocking defense:

    I am not gay, I never have been gay.

    As any media consultant could tell you, speaking from the negative is not the best way to get people on your side. This one ranks right up there with Nixon's "I am not a crook." And we believed him, didn't we?

    The story has been picked up abroad by the BBC, and Reuters, right there with the pithy details, had a particularly punchy headline to describe the situation. Didn't they outsource their headline writers to India?

  • A second chance at failure — Seeking to allay the fears raised about "U.S. American" education since her questionable answer at the Teen Miss USA pageant last week, Miss Teen South Carolina appeared on the Today show to try to answer the question the right way, and she did mostly well. Her defense only raised more questions, though:

    Everybody makes a mistake. I'm human.

    Yes, everybody makes mistakes.

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