9.11.2007 | AT&T cuts the cord

Pity the reader who didn't read beyond the headline of this USA Today story about AT&T's new chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson. Their choice for a headline? "AT&T shifts to wireless focus with new ads and color" (yawn). The color orange isn't new for AT&T, which has kept the color during its transition away from the Cingular brand. What is new is that AT&T is no longer going to require landline phone service to benefit from package pricing for its broadband Internet service. Now there's a story.

Also of note (at the very end of the story):

AT&T is beefing up its global profile and trying to cut better "roaming" deals with international wireless carriers to carry calls from iPhones and its other devices.

"We pretty much cover the globe now," Stephenson says. "We just want to cover it cheaper."

Last time I checked, AT&T's roaming plan requires charges of at least $1 a minute. That their CEO is focused on making that price lower, along with his willingness to end the requirement of landline phone service for broadband, is a good sign that AT&T may finally be grasping the potential for wireless communication in the global age. My one criticism: the tagline. "Your seamless world"? I suppose it's a start.

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I agree....yawn. Oh excuse me!

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