8.05.2013 | BART signage: doing it wrong

BART signage done right
(Powell station, San Francisco)
I've been noticing the new BART signage going up in a few stations and liking the clean look, but I found this particular error to be the most vexing. Not just for me because I hate duplicate information, but because I got the weirdest question ever from a BART rider: "Excuse me, does the airport line stop in San Francisco?"

It seemed so obvious to me, the lady must have noticed my reaction; she gave something of an apology after I gave her the answer. But when I was at the Pleasant Hill station later, I noticed why she needed to ask.

Oops: SFO is listed twice, but not
San Francisco (Pleasant Hill station,
Walnut Creek)
The new signs they put in have no mention of San Francisco. Maybe someone thought "SFO" was an abbreviation for the city, rather than an airport code. Electronic signs in the East Bay say that a train is San Francisco-bound, in addition to the other destinations. "Millbrae/SF" would have better mirrored that information.

As much as the new signs seem to strive to be internationally understood, this one particular source of confusion is a shame.

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