9.05.2014 | Facebook needs a desktop app

I hope they're working on it. Paper on mobile is a great start—we need something other than the standard news feed to help us digest the mounds of information thrown at us every day.

I'm looking at Twitter for Mac (formerly Tweetie, before it was acquired) and the recent build of Mailbox for Mac. These clean, modern designs are lacking in Facebook's desktop offering. At the very least, a responsive Web site would allow someone to use the browser to simulate what a desktop app would look like.

Facebook is loaded with top design talent, and clearly they're trying hard to innovate. But sometimes the basics need attention too. Maybe these things are in the works already and I'm speaking too soon—I hope that's the case.

Oh, and the Facebook Android widget could use some attention too. Trying to post from it gave me an unknown error.

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